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Anthony Tony Curry
Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Anthony Tony Curry was the second players from the Islands of the Bahamas to the Major Leagues of Baseball. Signed by the Phillies in 1957 at the age of nineteen, Tony Curry made a sprint for the big leagues after his childhood friend Andre Rodgers. And after his third season in the minor leagues of baseball. Tony Curry made it to the Major Leagues of Baseball with the Philadelphia Phillies, where he played for two seasons at the MLB level before getting sent down to triple-A. In 1962 Tony was treaded to Cleveland Indians organization and was back in the major leagues in 1966 for nineteen games. Tony Curry did not make it back to the MLB level after a few injuries he was traded around to other teams. Even a few games in Mexico before calling it quits and returning home to the Bahamas. In 1975 Anthony Curry became president of the Bahamas Baseball Association, the year the park turned on the lights. And for the first time, there was night league baseball at the Queen Elizabeth Sports Center Baseball Diamond.
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