This is Baseball Bahamas
Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
On The Mound
Wenty “Wentworth”Ford
The first and only Bahamian to pitch in a
regular season game in the Major
Leagues of baseball, with the Atlanta
Braves in 1973, beating the San Francisco
Giants, 10 to 4 in his major league debut
giving up five hits, for a seccess major
league debut, he finished his major league
baseball career with a 1 and 3 win/loss record, returning home to the
Bahamas in 1975, and started coaching and later becoming the
manager of his team locally, he also pitched a few games, as a
manager, he lead his teams to five straight Pennants, and 5 League
Championships and 5 National Championships, all in a row, he also
won manager of the year, in 1976, 1977. 1979,1980. Wenty Ford died
July 8th 1980 in a car crash, he was 33 years old.
Henry “Hank” Williams
Henry or Hank, as he was know is the only
20 games winner of a baseball pitcher in the
Bahamas in 1972, Henry pitched 6 years in
the minor league of baseball, starting in
1965 at the age of 18, in the Astros
organization, then he went to the Pirates
organization for the 1966 and 1967 season, then to the Dodgers, in
1968 to 1970, where he finish his pro baseball career, and in 1969
becoming the first Bahamian to pitch for a Major League team, in
an spring training game right here in Nassau, Bahamas against the
Chicago White Sox, before a full house, and the Country’s Prime
Minister, Lyndan Pindling.
Frankie “Cinderella” Sweeting
n 1969 the Bahamas had their best-ever
showing on foreign soil winning three
games and placing seventh among the
power-house of Amateur United States
Teams, Frankie “Cinderella” Sweeting was
the hero of the series winning three games
and placing himself forever in National
Baseball Congress record books,He Lead
the Local League with wins three years in a row, 1975 19-6
win/lost,tied with Kirk Smith, 1976 12-6 win/lost and in 1977 12-4
win/lost record. Sweeting also had the most win in 1963 with a 6-2
win/lost record that year he the lead league in strike outs with 73
strike outs,He was name pitcher of the year in 1963 with a 6-2
win/lost record and again in 1977 with a 12-4 win/lost record..,
Kirk “Stumper” Smith
Kirk The Stumper Smith, one of the
Bahamas best local pitcher, the recorder
for strike outs in a season, with 165 in
1975, he also hold the second most, 125
in 1974; In 1974 he won the league’s
MVP, along with best pitcher, most wins,
and most strike outs, as ,matter of fact
he won best pitcher in 1974,1975 & in
1976, he won most wins in 1975 with 19,
one of the league record, and most strike outs in 1974 7 1975, and
in the years from 1977 to 1980, Kirk record a 26 & 7 win/loss
record, with 202 ks,97 ERA in 2261/2 inning pitched. 224 hits and
165 runs, facing 906 batters, walking 84 and hitting 21 batters,
and an ERA of 3.00.
Roy Gibbons Bethell Jr.
Roy Bethell spent more time in playing
the Minor Leagues of baseball than
locally here in the Bahamas, he spent
ten years in the minors, signing at the
young age of 18, in 1964, and finishing
his pro baseball career in 1973, signed
as an outfielder and played some first
base, Roy started pitching in 1966 at
the age of 20, he finished his pro career with a, 29-37 win lost
record, 3 saves, 4.43 era, giving up 446 hits, 331 runs, 267
earned, 32 home runs, 455 walks and 439 strike outs, in 122
games, 75 as a starter, in 542 innings. Roy returned home and
played with Paradise Island, where he played some outfield and
pitched a little, i heard when he pitched against a certain team,
Roscoe “Clothes Line “Hall
From Roscoe Hall won the league’s rookie
of year in 1968 his teammates knew he
was something special on the mound. in
1969 he won best pitcher, and had the
most wins along with Anthony “Hot Dog”
Pearce, also in 1969, while Roscoe
continued to pitch in the league, doing his thing he was out shined
by his teammate Kirk Smith, until 1977 when he won the league
MVP, here is Roscoe stats between 1977 to 1980, 38 & 11 win/loss
record, 297 innings pitched, 326 hits, 176 runs, 117 earned, 63
walks and 197 ks, with a 2.76 ERA, he lost game seven in the 1981
championship, 1-0 against Heineken St. Bernards.
Bertram Bertie Murray Sr
Bertie was one of the top pitchers in his
day winning the best pitcher in
1965,1966 & 1967 then again in 1971 and
in 1978, making him a five time best
pitcher winner, he also had the most wins
in the same five years time frame too,
most strike outs in 1969 with 84, and tie with Michael Moss 1970
with 48, and winning the league MVP in 1974, he made many of
the Bahamas Baseball National teams that played many game in
the sixties, in the National Baseball Congress Tournaments in
Wichita Kansas.
Basil “Duran” Hall
Basil Hall, made a name for himself in the
game of baseball in the Bahamas, after a
tryout with the Baltimore Oriels in Florida
Basil return home to start playing locally
again, always wanting the ball against all
of the top teams in the league, it was said
in 1970, whiles pitching for the Nassau
Mets, he said that he was going to strike
all 21 batter in the game in a row, but then left the game in the 4th
inning after striking 11 in a row, clutching his shoulder in pain,
Duran Hall mean business that day against, the St. Bernards team,
he also was a member of the Bahamas Baseball National team that
played in the National Baseball Congress tournaments in Wichita
Steve Humes
Just Steve Humes, no nick name just
pure heart from the mound, he won best
pitcher in 1970, and most strike outs in
1971, some other pitches may have had
the number in stats, but Steve Humes
held his own. With a good fast ball, he
also had a nasty slider that wasn’t easy to
pickup, most team knew that they had to bring their A-game when
going up against Steve Humes because he had a well thought out
game plan that he work almost to perfection every game. In the 70s
he told a back seat to a younger Eugene Sissy Taylor who had a big
arm at the time, But Steve still posted 5 and 5 win/loss record in
1977 and 8 and 6 win/loss record in 1978, but he was a strong pitch
in the game of baseball up to the that he left the game around 1986.
Anthony Pearce
Lawrence Rolle
Garry Davis
Sheldon Floyde
Barry Carroll
Barry Carroll name may not be called amongst the some of the best pitchers in the game of baseball. But he held his own. Barry Carroll was a fernest pitcher who
Dwayne Dean
Dwayne Dean started pitching in
the early 80s and showed some
promise as a starting pitcher. The
young lefty worked along with
veteran national team catcher
Charles Chuck Markey who kept
him in the game mentally and
physically. And after a break in the
league for baseball in 1986, the competition picked back
up in 2004 which saw Dwayne really started to come
into his own. and for the next twelve years he was able
to dazzle hitters with his crafty pitching. the south paw
helped both of the teams he played with to win
championships after championships almost every year.
Marvin Toogie Wood
Marvin Wood was born into the
game of baseball. So it was no
surprise that he played the game so
well. He spent most of his time
playing short stop and pitching
which we saw him playing on
many All-Stars and national team
representing the Bahamas.
Between 1994 and 2005 he was one of the top pitchers in
the sport of baseball, and during that time he was apart 7
pennants, 6 championships and 4 national championship
teams. He threw the baseball well from the mound and
was the most outstanding player for baseball at the 1995
Bahamas Games. He also pitched against USA national
at the Pan Am game in Mexico in 2000.
Niel Forsyth
Neil Forsyth played locally
and at the University level
with Northwood University
in Florida. playing in the
local league Neil was
exceptional from the mound.
in 2006 He became the first pitcher from the
Bahamas to beat a Cuban national baseball team, In
2006 at the 3rd World University games in Habana
Cuba, Neil stunned the Cuban national team and the
entire Cuban baseball fans world, pitching the
Bahamas to 2-1 win. And for his effort he was name
to the all tournament team.
could hit his spots at will. He also had the ability to mix up his pitchs Jeffrey Davis gave a little history on a Barry Carroll. He could keep a team in the game as long as the defense held up.
Phil Francis
It was said that Phil Francis had one of
the nasties rainbow carve balls in the league
winning bast pitcher in the inaugural
debut of organized baseball in the
Kevin Eyes Ford was very talented
baseball player, and was a flame thrower
from the mound, from his days in junior
league baseball. in 1978 Kevin ste two
junior league records that season, a 17
strike out performance against paradise
and striking out 96 batter in the regular
season, and 14 against St Bernards in a playoffs game, to finish a
brilliant junior league career with 123 strike out, he won MVP and
best pitcher that year. some believe had St Michaels & Schlitz did
not drop out of the league that year, he would have strike out a lot
more. and in his first year in senior league he won best pitcher, as
he continued to dominate from the mound with a 9 and 1 win/loss
record and 91 Ks in his rookie year.
Adrian Rodgers
Adrian was apart of the baseball league
from its inception, winning best pitcher,
in 1954,1955 & 1956, all three of the first
years, of the BBA, in 1959 he won the
league MVP with Penny Bankers, and in
1963 with I-Need- Laundry. and he won
the Batting Crown in 1960, Adrian then
followed his bigger brother Andre into
professional baseball in 1956, where he pitched in 1956 in the
Giants farm system, with Hasting, he had 3 wins & 2 losses. and
them again in 1960 in the Cardinal farm system, with Billings, he
was 0 wins & 1 losses . Adrian also pitch for the Bahamas teams that
played in the National Baseball Congress games in Wichita Kansas.
Kevin Eyes Ford
Eugene “Sissy” Taylor
Sissy Taylor they called him back in the
day, but this tall lanky baseball pitcher,
could throw the baseball, from his mid
90s fast ball, to the nastiest curve ball
you would ever wanted to see, the earned
him most wins in 1980 12, he had a 12
and 3 win/loss record, he also won most
strike outs in 1979, with 116 strike outs,
and in 1980 with 112 strike outs, he also had 75 strike out in 1978
for a total of 303 strike outs in three years., his win/loss record in
1978 was 10 and 5, and in 1980 his win/loss record was 8 and 8,
what a baseball talent he was from the mound these days he sit in
a wheel chair on Nassau Street, Until the day he died.
Everette “Nugget” Neely
Nugget Neely, came into the game of baseball
as a catcher and rarely used as a pitcher, but
when he got into pitching he became a very
good one for his team Heineken St. Bernards.
his big moments on the mound came in the
1981 championship both in his league and the
commonwealth national baseball
championship. In game seven of the BBA
championship he was masterful from the hill which saw Everette leading
his team to 1 to 0 win over the St. Pauli Girls Baron, one of the toughest
team in the Bahamas to beat. his team score the winning run in the top
of the 7th inning on third baseman Jeff Francis single to center scoring
Brad Wood for a 1 to 0 lead, and Nugget Neely when to the bottom of the
7th and finished a complete game for the win. He also won three game in
the commonwealth championship against the Bimini Marlins.
Ronald”Big Boy” Seymour
Big Boy Seymour was a very calm pitcher
that got the job done from the mound, he
didn’t talk much, but you knew he was
there, in 1979 he won the MVP, leading
the league in wins with 13 and 4 losses,
with a 1.82 ERA, second in the league,
and 113 strike out, also second in the
league that year topping his younger brother Arthur Seymour who
won most Ks in 1978 with 93. Big Boy Seymour continued to play
with the most dominating team in the league from 1994 to 2004 but
he only pitched with it was necessary which wasn’t good for the
apposing teams.
Larry “Solo” Turnquest
They called him Solo, because he was
like the lone player on his team, the
crafty left handers was masterful from
the mound. his team would finish 1
and 42 one year, but he would make
the all star team because of his era
and strike outs, he just had bad
defenses playing behind him, he did
not process a high fast ball, he wasn’t a flame thrower, but his
ability to hit spots with his curve ball, and little fast ball he had,
made him hard to hit at times, he also had a very good pickoff
move to first base being a south paw, his advantage was that he
was left handed, and he only weighted a few pound but a heart of
Sterling “Josh” Wilkinson
Sterling Josh Wilkinson stood about 6ft
4in on the mound, and he used every
inches ohe had on the mound. When
Josh came to pitcher, you knew you was
in for a battle. In Big games Josh always
wanted the ball, he loved the pressure games.
Pitching out of the Bimini Baseball League with the Bimini Marlins
His team almost every year represented the north in baseball for the
Commonwealth of the Bahamas National Baseball Championships, so Josh Wilkinson did a lot of battles in some big game that draw the fans tothe to the baseball stadium, and he lived up to the billing in those games.
Calvin Jolly
Calvin C.J Jolly was 6ft 3ins and made his
senior league dabute in 1979 with
Heineken St. Bernards. after 1980 season
C.J parted ways with Heineken and took
his talent to the Bimini Marlins in the
Grand Bahama Ameteur Baseball League
where pitched for that talented loaded
Marlins team. well in the 1981
Commonwealth Championships C.J got to face his form team for
the Bahamas National Crown, Calvin was able to hold his owned by
winning two of three games for the Marlins, but he did make one
mistake, that was trying to throw a fast ball pass his former junior
league coach, who hit the ball for the longest home run out of Jim
White Baseball Park history. The Marlins lost the series three games
to four to St. Bernards
Arther “Baldy” Seymour
Baldy made his senior league debut in 1978
with the Old Spice team and was a instant
impact with one of the leagues lowest team
by winning the 1978 Rookie of the year
leading the league with 96 strike out also.
the following year Seymour left for
Tuskegee University in Tuskegee Alabama, along with Mario Ford
and Brad Wood. Arther played for Tuskegee from 1979 to 1981,
where returned home and joined his big brother on the pitching staff
of the Paradise Island team
In a championship game 1983 whiles in pain from bone spur in his
right hand. Baldy suck up the pain, and pitch the whole game but his team lost that game 3 to 1. He got no run support to his effort.
Vincent Strachan
Vincent Strachan threw the baseball
hard. with his ability to throw the
baseball made Vincent Strachan a
pitcher to reckon with. With cathers
who called some good games for
him he was able to just let the ball
go and that he did. Hence hitter was
afraid when he came up and in. plus he always had good
defense behind him on the field, year after year Vincent
made the mid-season classic all-stars, and was a starting
pitcher all of his pitching career.
Andy “Smudge” Ford
The youngest of eight brothers of
whom all played the game of baseball.
with his older brother playing in the
major leagues of baseball. Andy had a
lot to look forward in the game of
baseball and he didn’t disappoint. in
the early 80s He pitched in some good
duels against arch rival Everette Neely and Heienken St.
Bernards; As a matter of fact those games was so critical that
Andy Ford would pitch seven inning complete game on
Wednesday, and would return on one day rest and pitch again
on Friday. this guys had plenty heart and his teammate fed of his
energy as he pitch his to championships on a days rest.
Alfred “Linky” Brown
Alfred Brown stood about 6’2’ on the
mound, the young right hand pitcher
who was now coming in to his own lead
the 1977 season in most strike out with
112, innings with 111, games pitched in
34 and walks with 74, finishing that
season with a 6 and 16 win/loss record. Although not playing on
the league’s top teams Brown still manage to pitch some good
games. The 1978 season he pitched in only 10 games finishing the
season 1 and 9, pitching less innings 63 2/3 while striking out 55
batters and walking 43. So in two seasons Alfred Brown strike out
167 batters.
Eugene “Sucky” Thompson
hey called him Daylight or Sucky
Thompson, daylight was one of the most
vocalist pitcher on the mound, when he
throws the baseball, if it is inside he
would shout watch out fella, or look out,
that was very annoying to the hitter.
Night after night when he came to the
park, he want the ball, or he want to to be in the lineup because
he always believed that he could also hit with the best in the
league. His best pitch was his side arm slider down and in, and his
big breaking curve ball that came with a shout from him ( watch
out fella) he will always be remembered for that.
Tyrone Master Spy Gardiner
Master Spy Gardiner was the Ace of
the staff of the Heineken ST.
Bernards where he lead his team in
some epic battles. in 1979 with his
team having an 0 and 6 start and
going up the league leading team at 6 and 0, Gardiner when to
mound and dominated the game stunning the fans to the delight
of his teammates and fans, his team went on to finish the season
in second place thank to the pitching performance Tyrone
“Master Spy” Gardiner big arm, he when on to finish his career
with the Bimini Marlin as their Ace Pitcher.
Garry David pitched baseball well into his sixties, competiting in the 2001 Bahamas Games for Island of Bimini. In the 1970 He pitch for the
Vat 19 Teenagers, before moving back to play in Grand Bahama and Bimini.