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Kevin Eyes Ford
A Fearless Competitor If I were to compare Eyes Ford in his prime to a modern day, conventional athlete, he would be Justine Verlanda a combination of arm and strength. Please bare in mind you modern day governments, Sabathia is the highest paid pitcher in the history of the Major League Baseball(180 million dollars over seven years). Put that in your economic pipe and smoke it. But there goes another one, another great athlete not recognized, not honored, not compensated. There goes another story that has not been told and another athlete not invested in, who will not be able to invest in his own country. Kevin Ford was a tremendous baseball and softball player who represented The Bahamas internationally. K-Boogie left his sweat on the mound, and threw out his arm with the game he loved on his mind. But he never lost his offence. in the 1982 Baseball Championships bottom of the 7th two & two on the Barons down by two, Eyes clamly hit the ball over the score board in right field to tied the score. and then in the ninth inning with the score still tied Eyes repeated the same thing 2 run homer over the right field score board. .
There Goes Another A tribute by Adrian Francis Greatness is sometimes shielded by ignorance and success dressed in the wrong garment. So is the legend of Kevin Ford. They called him Fireballer, Eyes, or as those who knew him well said K-boogie. Kevin Eyes Ford died on Tuesday, December 22 at the old homestead on Windsor Lane. Those who know and understand sports in the Bahamas know full well that the Fords represent Bahamian sport’s royalty. Kevin Ford is the younger brother of former Professional baseballer Wenty Ford who along with his brother Eddie Ford, Peter Bethel, Jason Moxey, and Anthony ‘ Sal Bando’ Boswick were the foundation of the boys from Dorsey Park. But there is more ! More to the death of our good friend Eyes. Because when Eyes died, my first thought was, There Goes Another One. Not another Ford, even though Eddie, Wardie, Keith, Mario, Linda, and Andy are still here with us. But there goes another one, another great athlete whose name and contribution to sports annal will most likely be forgotten. As the younger athletes in this country search for the foundation, the history and ancient boundaries, it has become more and more apparent that they will not find one. Not because the history does not exist, but because true honor is only recognized in generational wisdom, not economic policies. If it cost to much to honor the great ones, it will cost more to imprisoned the other ones. I began this piece by saying, “ Greatness is sometimes shielded by ignorance, and success dressed in the wrong garment.” Before Ford took ill he drove public transportation for a living, and truth be told, he was very good at it. But it is very painful to be great at something and the people you are driving don’t even know. Kevin Eyes Ford will never hit another homerun in his lifetime, but the next generation of ball players should be talking about the last one he hit. Eyes, the guys at Pabs will miss you, the Alanta Braves, your favorite team will miss you, the Valley Boy’s will miss you and Jim Rice, Super Cash and Jeff Sangee will miss you. So long Buddie, say hello to Charles Wire Smith for me. .
A Bahamian Baseball Player Kevin : Eyes” Ford was born on September 5th 1961 The 8th Child of Percival & Florence Ford. following in the foot step of his older brothers Wenty, Eddie, Wardy, Keith, Mario, Leighton & followed by younger brother andy all played Baseball and played very well. From Little League Baseball Eyes was a star on the team and started to come into his own at the Junior League level where he won Junior League Pitcher of the Year in 1978. At the Senior League Level he had a very dominant fast ball that he had command and control off.
September 5th 1961 to December 23rd 2008
Warren Kevin Ford