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Jason Pegs Moxey
Pegs Moxey
Speed with a Powerful Arm & Big Bat.
Jayson Moxey was a complete and exciting ball player to watch playing the game of baseball, he was worth the price of admission. he had speed, and power, he could bunt his way on or hit his way on, and when he hit a ground ball it put pressure on the fielders because you know you had to get rid of the ball in a hurry, and from right field he had a cannon and he would ran down almost anything to right, even to the gap in right center field from the shallow position he usually plays and no one dear to run extra bases if they knew he was going to catch up with the baseball, Pegs was apart of those Holsten Knights/ St pauli Girls Barons teams that won the Pennants from 1976 to 1983 along with championships from 1976 to 1980, and again in 1982 and 1983, and those teams also won the Bahamas Commonwealth Championships, from 1976 to 1980, and again in 1982 and 1983, only Heineken St. Bernards interrupted their winning streaks in 1981 where they lost in game seven 1 to 0.
They called him Pegs from his day in high school at Saint Augustine College (SAC) by his friend who said it seems that every other month he had a broken leg, and cast on his leg looked like a peg, he grew up playing basketball & baseball in Our Lady’s Catholic Church School Yard, and after finishing SAC Jayson in 1968 was signed to play in the minor leagues of baseball by the Washington Senators in the Florida Instructional League and late on after instructional ball he he went over to the Astros organization where he played 61 games, Pegs played four and a half year with in the Astros farm system before get trade to the Detroit Tigers in 1974. Jayson interrupted his baseball career to pursue a career in banking writes Fred Sturrup in an article written in the Nassau Guardian on September 6th 1973, he also wrote that Jayson strong love the game of baseball made him return to the game he loved, when asked if he missed the game, he said i suppose when i think about the guys i started out with are now in the Big Leagues, its easy to feel that perhaps i could have been right up there with them, but then i could never say what really would have happened. maybe missing the two years was good for me and again it could have slowed up my climb to the Majors, Pegs said. So Jayson was invited to spring training by the Houston Astros to tryout for Major League team in 1973 in which he had good spring season, but Houston had outfielders like Bob Watson, Cesar Cedeno and Jim Wynn they decided to send him back down to Double “A” for more games, and now he felt that he had accumulated that necessary experience to stick with the parent Club, he said that general manager Spec Richardson like me. he was impress with my performance in spring training and was awaiting a call to go down to Venezuela for winter ball. Jayson started the 1974 season again in double “A” for the Astros and play ten games before moving up to triple “A” for the Astros before getting traded to the Detroit Tigers where he played in 62 game combine to both teams in Triple “A”. but he ended his Professional Career and came home to terrorized the local league in Nassau, the BBA, whiles sitting out his league rules one year for returning professional ball player, Jayson did some umpiring for the league also.
Speed and Power, he Had it all. But Pegs was alsi in Procession of Cannon in Right Field
Jayson “Pegs” Moxey 1970 Bahamas Baseball Association All Star
Jayson Moxey playing on the many triple crown winning teams including, St Pauli Girls Barons & Holsten Knights
Jayson Moxey was honored by the Bahamas Baseball Federation 2014 with baseball life time achievement award with his wife Mrs. Elisa Moxey.