This is Baseball Bahamas
Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Most Feared Hitters
One of the most feared hitter in the game of Baseball in the Bahamas, winning the batting Average four years back to back from 1966 .426B.A,1967 .000 B.A 1968 .500 B.A,1969 .450 B.A, 1974 .495 B.A,1978 .496.
Another feared hitter in the game of Baseball in the Bahamas, he also played in the Minor Leagues of Baseball in the Astros Organization where he once lead the florida state league in hitting, he also won the local batting crowns in 1972 .500 B.A , 1976 .448 B.A, 1980 .427
Lorenzo “Donnie” Lockhart
Eddie “Edworth” Ford
Seven Time Batting Champion
Four Time Batting Champion
Creswell “The Boomer” Pratt
Fred “Papa” Smith
Jayson “Pegs” Moxey
Hold of the Bahamas Home record of 18 in a season Creswll terrorize local baseball pitchers, when the ball left his bat, there was no doubt that it was a home run. Creswell Pratt, was later signed by Cincinnati Reds to a Minor League Contract.
Pegs not only carried a big stick to the plate, but he also had plenty speed, and you feared his big bat that could hit you for the extra bases, and he can also bunt his way on, once pegs was on first he was a treat to steal any base he wanted, he also processed a cannon for a arm from the outfield.
Papa Smith always carried his big stick to the plate, with his ability to hit of the fences and gap to gap with regularity, you were happy some of the ball he hit stayed in the park, Papa didn’t process the speed like most, so you were happy when he kept the ball in the park, most of his home runs were no doubters, he also had a good arm from the outfield.
Dencil “Joe Blacks” Clark
Anthony “Tony” Curry
Kermit Graham
Rooservelt Ba Dog Turner
When Dencil came to the plate to hit, you knew he had one thing on his mind, how far he was going to hit the baseball, Joe Blacks love his strike, and made the most out out of every at bat.
Cliff Wilson
Kenny The Mary Fox