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Edworth Eddie Ford
E. Ford
Eddie Ford
Eddie Ford was one of the most talented Bahamian Baseball Players. At the age of 18, Eddie was signed as a free agent by the Astros, and was a signed to single A Cocoa Astros in the Florida State League in 1967, where he played in 95 games, with 300 at bats, and 81 hits for a .270 batting average, he stoled 8 bases and was caught 7 times, the following year 1968, Eddie was a signed to Williams Port in the New York Penn State League Short Season, he played in 44 games with 153 at bats, with 40 hits, he stoled 7 bases and caught 3 times. he was later called be to Cocoa Astros, he played in 22 games with 74 at bats, and 29 hits, at that point leading the Florida State League in hitting with ,392 batting average, he stoled 5 bases and was caught twice. he was then moved to Greensboro Patriots in the Carolina League, where he played in 24 games with 62 at bats, with 15 hits for a .242 batting average. Eddie Ford ended his pro baseball career at the young age of 19, and 2 seasons, with 195 games played, 669 plate appearance, 589 at bats, 82 runs scored, 165 hits, 16 double, 2 triples, no home runs, 36 rbis, 20 stolen bases, 13 caught stealing, 69 walks, 80 strike outs, with a career .280 professional batting average.
He Lead the Florida State League at one Point in Hitting With a .392 Batting Average
One The Most Feared Baseball Player in the Bahamas
If I were to compared Ed to the modern day player he would remind you of the player who is in the top 3 in Batting Average, Hits, Home Runs, Steals and yes ERA , every year Ed took home his fare share of awards.