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The Sport of Baseball in the Bahamas is Experiencing a great up surge in the

amount of baseball players that are playing and played  professional baseball 29 in

all since 2005; and 2 between 1997 and 1999.

With the formation of the Bahamas Baseball Federation in 2001, there was two young Bahamian players signed to

play professional baseball after 1987, Free Agent International signing Jamal Johnson in 1997 out of Nassau by

the Dodgers, and Angelo Burrows drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 9th roundof the 1999 MLB Draft, pick #294

out of Killian High School in Florida.

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Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas

The First International signing Jamal Johnson in 1997 Dodgers, and Angelo Burrows

drafted by the Atlanta Braves in the 9th round of the 1999 MLB Draft, pick #294 out of

Killian High School in Florida. Jamal was the first since Winston Seymour, by the

Pirates in1987, and Angelo became the second Bahamian to get drafted since Ken Adderley

in 1986 by the Orioles,

Antoan Richardson was drafted 4 times starting from 2001, twice by the Orioles, 2002 &

03, 04 by the Diamond Backs and  2005 by the Giants which fianlly signed because he

because all of college playing time was up.And then in  2006 Albert Cartwright by Met,

and then again in 2007 by the Astros, Antoan Played in the Majors, bout played Indy

baseball and bout players retired from the game of baseball in 2017.

Between 2007 and 2009 the Bahamas also had three players signing to play with varies Independent Leauge Teams, Geron Sands in 2007 with

the St, George RoadRunners, Greg Burrows Jr alsoin 2007 with the St. George RoadRunners, and in 2008 with the Rockford RiverHawks, And

Neil Forsyth in 2009 with the Coastal Kingfish.

   Andre Rodgers
Anthony Curry
Eddison Armbrister
 Wenty Ford
Wilfred Culmer
  Antoan Richardson
   Indians, Phillies
Giants, Cubs & Pirates
   Cincinnati Reds
Atlanta Braves
Clevenland Indians
    Braves & Yankees
There are only six known Bahamian to play in the Major Leagues of Baseball. Starting ten years after Jackie Robinson broke the color barier, with Andre Rodgers in 1957 with the New York Giants, Andre also was an original San Francisco Giants, he was apart of the team when they move to San Francisco in 1958, he played 11 season with three teams, The Giants, The Cubs and the Pirates.  Anthony Curry was the second signing with The Philadelphia Phillies in 1960-1961, and then the Clevenland Indians in 1966, The third was Eddison Armbrister with The Cincinnati Reds, ‘The Big Reds Machine” he played in the 1975 World Series where he was involve in the controversial bunt with the Boston Red Sox catcher Catlton Fisk, Ed is the on two MLB World Series Teams. The forth was Wenty Ford becoming the first Bahamian to pitch in the Major League with Atlanta Braves, The fifth was Wilfred Culmer, a former Track Star turned baseball player was sign by the Philadelphia Phillies like Tony Curry and was also traded to the Indians where he played in 7 games at the Major League Level. There wasn’t a Bahamian in the Major Leagues for twenty three years until Antoan Richardson in 2011 with the Atlanta Braves, Antoan was the only Bahamian to drafted four times, before he signed with the Giants out of the 2005 MLB Draft. And played in his first MLB game in September 2011 when in his first at bat got a hit of Clayton Kershaw, and onec again in 2014 with the New York Yankees, where he made history by scoring the run on Yankees great, Short Stop Dereck Jeter’s final MLB RBI Hit of his Hall of Fame career. Antoan had a .350 MLB Career Batting Average and stoled all six of the bases in six attempts.  
                                                                                Anfernee Seymour is the                                      Atlanta Braves #22 Top 30 Prospect.  

Down on the Farm 

Top 30 Prospects

                                                         Jasrado Chisholm is the                                                                                Arizona Diamond Backs #7 Top 30 Prospect.
                                            Lucius Fox is the                                                  Tampa Bay Rays #11 Top 30 Prospect.
  Kristain Robinson is the Arizona Diamond Backs #19 Top 30 Prospect
                                     Trent Deveaux is the                                        Los Angeles Angels #24 Top 30 Prospect.
D’Vaughn Knowles        Keithron Moss
    Two more young players from the Bahamas has signed to play in the Minor Leagues of Baseball, with the Taxes Rangers Farm System, bring the total players from the Bahamas in Pro Baseball to 20.
       Tahnaj Thomas                Dominic Collie Jr               Shameko Smith
Khristian Robinson                  Trent Deveaux               D’Shawn Knowles
Brandon Murray    Byron Ferguson Jr    Davonn Mackey
Starting twith he signing of Tahnaj Thomas by the Clevenland Indians                                                                              July 2nd 2017 Internationl baseball players signing day saw 4 more young December 6th 2016, saw the highest amount of Bahamians ever signed                                                                             Bahamian signing, Davonn Mackey to the Oakland Athletics, Khristain to professional baseball, 10 including 2 this December. After Tahnaj                                                                                  Robinson to the Arizona Biamond Backs, Trent Deveaux to the Los Angeles Dominic Collie in March, then Shameko Smith the only Bahamian to                                                                               Angels, and D’Shawn Knowles also to the Los Angeles Angels. Robinson be drafted in the 2017 MLB June draft, He went in the 13th round to                                                                                 joins Jasrado Chisholm the DBacks #7 top prospect and Dominic Collie Jr the Rockies, then two  players signed to play Independent baseball                                                                                    Robinson also is the DBacks #17 top prospect, and Anges made Trent their Brandon Murray, Frontier League & Byron Ferguson Jr.Thoroughbred                                                                          #25 top prospect. more and more baseball players from the Bahamas are Baseball League                                                                                                                                                                      working hard and waiting their turn to get a call by a MLB club.