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Kristian Robinson
Jasrado Chisholm
Lucius Fox Jr
D’Shawm Knowles
Tahnaj Thomas
Chavez Young
Marlins #4 Top Prospect
D-Backs #2 Top Prospect
Rays #19 Top Prospect
The Angels #8 Top Prospect
The Angels #11 Top Prospect
The Pirates #18 Top Prospect
The Blue Jays #21 Top Prospect
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Trent Deveaux
All photos are used as link to the players team website only.
Dunedin Blue Jays Center Fielder Chavez Young
‘I got to do something’: How this Blue Jays prospect is helping with hurricane relief in his native Bahamas By Laura Armstrong Staff Reporter Fri., Sept. 6, 2019 5 min. read
Blue Jays prospect Chavez Young was safe and sound in Tampa, Fla., as Hurricane Dorian spent a day and a half ravaging his native Bahamas. His personal security was of little comfort as the storm pounded Abaco and Grand Bahama islands with Category 5 winds up to 295 kilometres per hour and torrential rains, swamping neighbourhoods in brown floodwaters and destroying or severely damaging, by one estimate, nearly half the homes on the country’s two northernmost islands, otherwise known for their marinas, golf courses and all-inclusive resorts. Young’s heart was back in Freeport, his hometown and the largest city on Grand Bahama, where his older brothers Clayton and Corey Young had to evacuate immediately, their house flooded, roof leaking, trees and fences down in the yard. “It hurts me that I’m sleeping comfortable here in America, having a good, normal, nice life and then my brothers, who are in the Bahamas, suffered ... Had to find shelter right away, just to stay alive,” the 22-year-old outfielder told the Star over the phone from Florida on Thursday night. “Didn’t care about the house, just trying to stay alive, basically. That hurts me. I barely could sleep. Family’s all I got. Click To Read More
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Tahnaj Thomas Warren Saunders Kristian Robinson Keithron Moss James Rolle
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Lead his team with 59 Ks Lead his team in Hitting .326 B.A Moved up to DBack #2 top Prospect A PArt of AZL 2019 Champions Leads team in Home Runs & Slugging
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