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Down on the Farm Top 30 Prospects

Jasrado Chisholm 
Lucius Fox  Jr
Kristian Robinson 
Anfernee Seymour 
Trent Deveaux 
2018 season will see five Bahamas players in their teams  top 30 prospects list.Topping them off  is Jasrado Chisholm The Arizona Diamond Backs #7 top 30 prospects, Lucius Fox Jr is the Tampa Rays  #12 top 30 prospects, Khristian Robinson also from the Arizona Diamond Backs, #17 top 30 prospects, Anfernee Seymour the Atlanta Braves  #21 top prospects, and Trent Deveaux is the Los Angeles Angles #25 top prospects, Trent is also talk about a lot in the Angeles top prospects news, Go hard all you guys we are looking forward to watching you play in the 2018 Season.
     Tevin Symonette               Trae Sweeting                      Perez Knowles                 Wade Weinburger Jr           Chavez Fernander                  Arie Seymour                    Daneil Johnson Jr

Baseball Bahamas 2018 College Freshmans  Class                         

    Carl Cooper              Shannon Johnson           Myron Johnson             Wayde Beckford              Yeshua Saint                   Allbry Major               Ashtin Knowles            Trevvis Ferguson        

Baseball Bahamas 2018 Minor Leaguers                                                                                   

Jervis Stuart Jr      Anfernee Seymour    Reshard Munroe      Todd Isaacs Jr       Jasrado Chisholm         Lucius Fox Jr        Chavez Young          Shameko Smith        Kristian Rbinson     Tahnaj Thomas   
Larry Alcime Jr         Kyle  Simmons       Dminic Collie Jr        Trent Deveaux     D’Shawn Knowles    Davonn Mackey        Keithron Moss      D’Vaughn Knowles      Courtney Smith      Byron Ferguson Jr   

Inspired by Dr.Myles Munroe

Baseball Bahamas 2018 College Baseball Freshmans, Carl Cooper Pratt Community College Pratt, Kansas, Shannon Johnson Tabor College Hillsboro, Kansas, as a Red Shirt Freshman. also a Red Shirt freshman is Myron Johnson Newman University Wichita, Kansas, Wayde Beckford Iowa Lakes Community College, Iowa, Yeshua Saint Erie Community College, Bufflo, New York, the only D1 freashman Allbury Major, Xavier University, Cincinnati Ohio, Ashtin Knowles Claflin University Orangeburg, South Carolina, and Travvis Ferguson Post University Waterbury, Connecticut.
 The 2018 College Baseball Season has started and our college baseball players are looking to make an impact on their baseball teams,  this class of mostly juniors and two freshmans, Wadw & Chavez, listen out for the names durning the 2018 MLB draft, Tevin Symonette is the only player in this review who is playing division one, follow our players as they go for the Prize.
    Dr. Myles Munroe
    Dr. Richard Pinder
    Dr. Dave Burrows