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Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas

Jasrado Chisholm Jr.

Jasrado Jazz Chisholm Jr. The Miami Marlins infielder became the 1st player from the Bahamas to be voted into the Major Leagues of Baseball. He was voted as a starter in the 2022 All-Star game in Los Angeles at Dodgers Stadium. However, he could not play in the All-Star after suffering an injury.

Antoan Richardson

Antoan Richardson of the San Francisco Giants became the 1st Major League Baseball Coach from the Islands of the Bahamas. He coached in his first game in 2020, then joined the coaching staff full- time in 2021. Antoan Richardson, the Giants 1st base Coach.

Lucius Fox Jr.

Lucius Fox Jr. was named to the Washington Nationals roster at the start of the 2022 season, making him the 8th known player for the Bahamas to play in the Major Leagues of Baseball. He later made Bahamian Baseball History with Jazz Chisholm, as for the first time since 1963 that two players from the Bahamas play in the same MLB Game

2022 MLB Players & Coach

2023 MLB Top 30 Prospects

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Ellison Hanna Jr

Team Great Britain 2023 World Baseball Classic

Antoan Richardson
Albert Cartwright Jr.
Anfernee Seymour
Tahnaj Thomas
Chavez Fernander
Bertrum BJ Murry
2023 WBC A First for Our Players. For the first time in World Baseball Classic History However, players from the Bahamas will get to play in the Classics all-be-it for Great Britain. Thank you. As a former Colony of Great Britain. Ment that players from the Bahamas are allowed to play for Team G.B. via their parents being former citizens of Great Britain.
Ural Forbes

Team Great Britain 2023 & Our Local Players

The 2023 World Baseball Classic is set:
WBC 2023 games are set, and we are excited. Yes, I am so happy for Team Great Britain. Now I will get to see our players on the big stage. We will see the kids we trained in the game of baseball from 3yrs old; play baseball in the 2023 World Baseball Classic for Team Great Britain. 
Exciting Times for our Kids:
This is not what we envisioned, but we will take it. We hoped for a Team Bahamas at the World Baseball Classic one day. However, we will take playing for Team Great Britain with honors.
Trayce Thompson
D’Shawn Knowles
Chavez Young