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Four Players was sign to the Minor Leagues of Baseball in 2014.
Anfernee Seymoue GSL Marlins
Byron Murray AZL Giants
Quinton Rolle DSL Reds
Reshard Munroe  Reds
2015 Division 1 Players
       Perez Knowles
       Tevin Symonette
                Trea Sweeting
              Byron Ferguson
              Gerrio Rahming
                  Seberon Mackey
                       Ramon Grant
       Troy University
         Lipscomb University
           Georgia State University
              Bethune-Cookman University
                 Gremblin State University
                 Georgia State University
                   Jackson State University
2015 College FreshmanPlayers
    Cody Cartwright
                Dwight Rahming
                Arien Seymore
                Keanu Thompson
                  Lance Edwards
                    Todd Isaacs
                     Romero Cartwright
                      Anthony Russell
         Lavaughn Ferguson
         Tevin Symonette
             Perez Knowles
         Gerrio Rahming
     Hollan College
         Georgia State University
           Lipscomb University
                Troy University
               Southeastern Comm College
                      Pratt Comm College
                       Francis Marion University
                    Beltmount Abby College
                     Bluefield State College
                               Palm Beach State College
                             Mars hill University
           Hollan College
         Bahamas Faith Ministries
              Dr. Myles Munroe
             Dr. Richard Pinder
 Antoan Richardson
            Albert Cartwright Jr
                  Jervis Stuart Jr
              Anfernee Seymore
              Reshard Munroe
                 Dario Saunders
             Byron Murray
             Quinton Rolle
    Preserving the Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
              Dale Davis Jr