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   Since the formation of a Federation type structure of baseball in the Bahamas, headed by Gregory Burrows Sr., Bernard Aranah and Theodore Sweeting in 2003, the sport of baseball has seen tremendous growth; president Greg Burrows Sr. in his opening address said it is time we flood the minor leagues system with baseball players from the Bahamas so that maybe one of them may make it the major leagues of baseball.    And in 2005 the first player out of a federation league was drafted by the San Francisco Giants, even thought he was drafted three times before, twice by the Baltimore Orioles and once the Arizona Diamond Backs, Antoan Richardson was the first of many paving the way for his childhood friend and the entire Bahamas Baseball Community.   Winstone Seymour signed in 1987 to play minor league baseball, after him was 10 years before the next Bahamian Jamal Johnson in 1997 by the Dodgers, and in the year 2000 Angelo Burrows became the third Bahamian to drafted by a MLB Club.     Before Antoan was drafted 2005 there were only three Bahamians drafted. Ken Adderley in 1986 by the Orioles, Ricardo Cartwright 1988 by the Expos, and Angelo Burrows by the Braves, and there were 38 players who played in the minor leagues of baseball before him from 1954, all but 2 players signed as free agents.                                                                                                           After the signing of Antoan Richardson in 2005 by the Giants, baseball players from the Bahamas was inspired to follow His lead, and lead he did; and so from 2005 there are 30 players who has and or is still playing professional baseball, 8 was drafted in the MLB June draft, and 22 free agent signing, 16 direct out of the Bahamas, 8 played independent baseball including a few years for Antoan Richardson and Albert Cartwright Jr.  It is not a suprise to see many Major League Scouts in the Bahamas these days, because the baseball talent is growing thanks to a Vision that it could happen, because of our rich history in the sport of Basebal in the Bahamas.                                        

The Bahamas 2018 Top 30 Minor League Players

        Jasrado Chisholm                       Lucius Fox Jr                          Kristain Robinson                    Trent Deveaux                        Anfernee Seymour

       #3 Top Prospect                         #7 Top Prospect                         #12 Top Prospect                   #25 Top Prospect                    #25 Top Prospect

Arizona Diamond Backs             Tampa Bay Rays                    Arizona Diamond Backs            Los Angeles Angels                   Atlanta Braves

Baseball Bahamas Minor League Top Prospects

Jervis Champ Stuart Jr

    Bringhamton Rumble Ponies       Arizona Rookie League             Lake County Captains                        Lansing Lugnuts                 Arizona Rookie League        Dominican Summe League                   Pioneer League

Todd Isaacs Jr

            Single A

   Chavez Young

         Short Season A

Reshard Munroe


Dominic Collie Jr


Tahnaj Thomas


Shameko Smith


Baseball Bahamas 2018 Minor League Players 

Inspired by Dr.Myles Munroe

  Dr. Myles       Dr Richard    Dr David
  Munroe           Pinder            Burrows
Larry Alcime Jr           Kyle  Simmons          Dminic Collie Jr        Trent Deveaux        D’Shawn Knowles     Davonn Mackey           Keithron Moss       D’Vaughn Knowles       Courtney Smith       Byron Ferguson Jr   
Jervis Stuart Jr        Anfernee Seymour     Reshard Munroe      Todd Isaacs Jr          Jasrado Chisholm          Lucius Fox Jr           Chavez Young         Shameko Smith           Kristian Rbinson       Tahnaj Thomas   
The Mets System            The Braves System              The Reds System         The Indians System          The D.Backs System          The Rays System             The Blue Jays System     The Rockies System           The D.Backs System        The Indians System
The Pirates System            The Pirates System           The D.Backs System        The Angels System          The Angels System        The Athletics System          The Rangers System      The Rangers System           The Rangers System          Independent System

Baseball Bahamas 2018 NCAA Division One Players

        Tevin Simmonette                         Cole Dubet                                 Allbry Major                               A.J Rolle                                    Urel Forbes

             Junior Year                               Junior Year                                Freshman Year                            Junior Year                                 Junior Year

Lipscombe Univerisity            Saint Louis University                   Xavier University            Georgia Satae University           Jackson State University

Triple A