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    Dr. Myles Munroe
                                   Preserving The Rich History of Baseball in the Bahamas
Sport Radio Bahamas
Andre Rodgers
Anthony Curry
Ed Armbrister
Wenty Ford
Wilfred Culmer
Antoan Richardson
New York Giants (1957) San Francisco Giants 58 to 60 Chicago Cubs 1961 to 1964 Pittsburgh Pirates 1965 to 1967
Philadelphia Phillies 1960 & 61      Cleveland Indians 1966
Cincinnati Reds 1973 to 1977 played in the 1975 World Series
     Atlanta Braves 1973     The first and only Bahamian     to pitch in the Major Leagues.
Cleveland Indians 1983
Atlanta Braves 2011 New York Yankees 2014

      The Bahamas Baseball Federation

Formed in 2003

     We are Growing Sixteen Players Signed in The Last Four Years 

Lucius Fox Jr
Jervis Champ Stuart Jr
Brandon Murray
Jasrado Chisholm
Todd Isaacs Jr
Chavez Young
The Rays System
The Mets System
Independent League
   The D.Backs System
The Indians System
The Blue Jays System
Anfernee Seymour
The Braves System
2017 N.C.A.A Division Baseball Players
      Seberon Mackey Jackson State University
    Tevin Symonett   Lipscomb University
Jeshanno Sweeting
Jackson State University
2017 College Freshman Baseball Players
   Myron Johnson Newman University
         Sherone Evans Pratt Community College
        Kevon Moxey Blue Field State College
               Ellison Hanna   Kirkwood Community College
     Kyle Adderley
       Schamal Forbes Massachusetts College       of Liberal Arts
    Anthony Russell   Belmount University
           Dorian Kemp
2017 Minor League & Professional Baseball Players
           Florida Southwestern        State College
     Johnathan Neymour          Tabor University
Edward Waters College
Todd Isaacs  Jr
 Lucius Fox  Jr
Jazzrado Chisholm
Larry Alcime Jr
     Shannon Johnson       Tabor University
     Shameko Smith    Polk State College
Chavez Fernander Polk State College
        Ashton Prattt East George State College
 Wade Weinburger      Bryan College
          Trevor Johnson Calumet College of St Joseph
Reshard Munroe
The Reds System
               Ashtin Moxey     Iowa Community College
    Dr. Richard Pinder
     Dr. Dave Burrows
 Cole Dubet
Saint Louis University
               Antoan Richardson Has retired from Professional Baseball
Jervis Stuart Jr
Anfernee Seynour
Brandon  Murray
Reshard Munroe
Kyle Simmons
Chavez Young
Tahnaj Thomas
Dominic Collie Jr
Photo from
Photo from
Shameko Smith
Byron Ferguson Jr
Trent Deveaux
Kristian Robinson
D’Shawn Knowles
The Angels
The Angels
The Diamond Backs
Four more Young Bahamian baseball players signed on July 2nd 2017,Major League Baseball International signing day, with two of them signing with the Angels, Trent Deveaux & D’Shawn Knowles and one with the D Backs, Kristian Robinson who became the third Bahamian to sign with the Diamond Backs in the last three years, and Davonn Mackey with the Athletics, and there is more Bahamian baseball players to be sign late this month and later in the year, Congratulations!
Trent Deveaux
Kristian Robinson
D’Shawn Knowles
Davonn Mackey
Davonn Mackey
The Athletics