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Baseball Bahamas 2020 NCAA Division 1 Players
Baseball Bahamas 2019 Minor League Players
Anfernee Seymour       Lucius Fox Jr      Jasrado Chisholm Chavez Young     Shard Munroe Todd Isaacs Jr   Chavez Fernander      
D’Shawn Knowles Tahnaj Thomas Trent Deveaux  Kristian Robinson  Davonn Mackey Keithron Moss   D’Vaughn Knowles                
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Xavier University            Indiana State University           Florida Atlantic University University of Kentucky Northwestern State University
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Bahamas 2019 Top Baseball Prospects Watch
Kristian Robinson
Jasrado Chisholm
Lucius Fox Jr
D’Shawm Knowles
Tahnaj Thomas
Chavez Young
Marlins #4 Top Prospect
D-Backs #2 Top Prospect
Rays #19 Top Prospect
The Angels #8 Top Prospect
The Angels #11 Top Prospect
The Pirates #18 Top Prospect
The Blue Jays #21 Top Prospect
All photos are used as link to the players team website only.
Trent Deveaux
All photos are used as link to the players team website only.
Photo By Britt Moore
Photo By Jim Brady
Marlins Minor League Player Anfernee Seymour, Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimps
Armed and Dangerous Jumbo Shrimps Outfielder.
Seymour Needs Nine hits for his Minor League career 500 hits.
Henry WIlliams Former 20 game winner pitcher Honored
50 year after Henry Williams pitched a Spring Traning game in the Bahamas for the Pittsburg Pirates vs the Chicago White Sox. Freedom Farm Baseball League Horoned him on November 17th.Williams who also holds the record as the only single season 20 games winner in the Bahamas throwed out the first pitch. Mr.Ed Bethel far right next photo was the local raido announcer of that spring that spring training game, and told the story of Williams entrance into the game muchtothe delight of the Bahamian baseball fans.
Henry WIlliams with his family, along with Mr. Ed Bether.
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